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Ship Biomass Stoves to Puerto Rico UCEDD

Support our partner organiztion Puerto Rico UCEDD. Your help is needed to send these stoves to people with disabilities and their families in Puerto Rico living in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. These stoves are used in many communities affected by disaster to help provide basic cooking, sanitation and cleaning for individuals. Please share this link.

What is Disability Inclusion?

Disability affects nearly 20% of the U.S. population. Individuals with disabilities face daily barriers to participation in social experiences, education, employment and health systems. Learn about Inclusion Strategies that individuals and organizations can implement to remove barriers and improve quality of life.

Disability Rights – Why We’re Not Done Yet

Disability activist Judith Heumann shares human stories of historic and current discrimination with strategies to challenge individual and policy barriers.

ABLE Account Limit Set to Rise

Read the latest information as of Nov. 2017. Individuals with disabilities use ABLE savings plans to help pay for certain disability expenses. Learn more on the Oregon program site.

Video: Life Stories Theater

Filmmaker William Davenport has made a 20-min documentary about Life Stories theater, which brings together UO students and adults with disabilities from the local community to create a play together. Betsy Wheeler will be offering the class again in Spring 2018 as ENG 399: Living Theater. She has received a UO Fund for Community-Engaged Teaching grant and a private donation to support the production. The next show will be ASL-shadowed if enough signer/actors sign up! Students, actors, writers, techies, volunteers, and playgoers are welcome.

The Conversation

This site offers tips and steps for families to plan a successful transition to college.

So What is Disability?

A very outdated way of thinking has affected the lives of people with disabilities. This timeline shows a brief history and updates on some current ideas.

Disability: What We ALL Need to Know

As we move on from the election, here’s what you need to know.
Disability rights are fundamental human rights, and each of ALL of us has a personal stake.

UO UCEDD Disability Community

Our comprehensive information on student supports, groups, programs for students with disabilities at UO. Look for links to Accessible Education Center and Disability Rights posted under Resources.

UO AccessABILITY Student Union

AccessABILITY Student Union is a cross-disability student support group. They have regular meetings, activities, and plan awareness and other fun events. Find them on facebook too.

Youtube: Public Service Lawyers As Pioneering Advocates Presented By Haben Girma

Haben Girma is the first deafblind graduate of Harvard Law School. From her position as a Disability Rights Advocate, she provides a unique perspective on removing access barriers for student with disabilities.

Health Care Providers Should Support Family Access to Early Services

The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors have an important role to play in making sure that children with disabilities get the services they need from schools.

Inclusive Education is a Basic Right for Students with Disabilities.

Read about recommendations from the UN Committee on Rights of Individuals with Disabilities.