Disabling the Stereotypes (Cascade)

Disabling the Stereotypes

The Life Stories: Wider Worlds seminar is part of a trailblazing new project, the Disability Studies Initiative. The program attacks the stigma associated with people with disabilities and helps students explore an issue that is complex and often misunderstood. The initiative also educates students about disability-related careers in design, medicine, human services, and other professions.

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Challenged Athletes Foundation

The mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) to provide opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. CAF believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.

Oregon Resources for Emergency and Disaster Planning for Oregonians with Disabilities

Ready Now! Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for People with Disabilities (PDF)

This tool kit from Oregon Health and Sciences University is a guide to help you prepare for an emergency. The tools and checklists in this handbook can be used as a step-by-step guide to making an emergency plan. Some of the resources included are specific to the Portland area, the rest of the tools are useful no matter where you are!

Sensory Friendly Film Showings

AMC Sensory Friendly Films

In partnership with The Autism Society, we bring AMC Sensory Friendly Films to families affected by autism on a monthly basis to select communities. The program provides a special opportunity for families to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment. The auditoriums dedicated to the program have their lights up, the sound turned down and audience members are invited to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing!