FACTOregon: Person-Centered Plan

Person-Centered plans are basically brochures which provide information about a person with a disability to other people who are not familiar with the disabled person. They are easy to make, informative, and make wonderful “ice-breakers” for a child or adult who has difficulty explaining their particular disability, especially to a larger group. One mother of a disabled child had this to say about the brochures:

“I did [a person-centered plan] after attending one of the FACT trainings and before we completed [my son’s] IEP evaluation. I cannot even begin to tell you how IMPORTANT the addition of this brochure helped during the IEP process (they even reference it in his IEP and direct the reader to look at it for additional information). Additionally, it has helped his school teachers, aids, caregivers, Sunday school teachers, family members etc… They are able to see at a glance helpful information about his strengths and areas that are challenging for him.” -From the website. CLICK HERE to view sample plans or to get templates to help you make your own!