The UCEDD’s many supported projects and activities are guided by the separate goals and objectives for each of three emphasis areas:

  1. Early Intervention and K-12 Special Education,
  2. Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS)
  3. Transition and Post-School Outcomes.

Within each emphasis area, objectives and related project activities are organized under goals linked to each of the four core functions of the UCEDD:

  • Interdisciplinary pre-service and continuing education
  • Community Services
  • Research
  • Dissemination

These projects and activities are related to the resources available for their accomplishment and are linked to its long-standing mission and ultimate outcome: to assist in improving the quality of life for all persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Collaborating with partner agencies and programs helps those in the disability community to be aware of the myriad of services, supports, and activities of each partner. Each of our agencies can then be of great help to individuals and families throughout the state.